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Fire Safe Digital Instructions

Fire Safe Digital Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a Brawn Safe equipped with digital key pad

How to Open Safe

  •  Install 4-AA quality Alkaline batteries
  •  The Factory code is set to * 4560 #
  •  PRESS * 4560 #
  •  Turn knob to the right and open the safe with “Match” on the LCD

To Change Code

  • With the door open, reach through the hole on the inside of the door and Press the M button
  •  LCD should show NEW PW
  • Enter the new personal code from 4 – 16 digits
  • Press the button “ # ” for the end
  • LCD should show Success
  • Test the lock with door open by pressing the new code * - - - - #
  • You should see “Match” on the LCD

Time Penalty

  • If wrong code is entered, “ Error ” message will appear on the display
  • After 3 wrong attempts. “ Please wait ” will appear on the display for 15 minutes, during that it cannot be used

Changing the Battery

  • The battery needs to be replaced when the LCD shows Low Battery

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