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Camden Video Highlights the Features and Benefits of Our SureWave™ Touchless Switches

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ROHS and ADA compliant, the complete range of wired, wireless and hybrid, wired/wireless models in the series deliver capabilities unprecedented in the market and are redefining what touchless switches are capable of. The rugged construction and heavy duty relay rating make SureWave™ switches ideal for use on low-energy automatic doors, drive-up windows, and interior and exterior doors - virtually any door control application.

This, our newest CAMDEN TOUGH video, clearly and concisely presents viewers with those capabilities and how they enable dealers and integrators to effectively meet their access installation needs. Check it out on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/GqjL83QwCt8


When purchasing a safe it's important to determine whether you will be requiring full security or just fire protection. Safes vary greatly in quality and price. Some aren't much more burglary resistant than a locked drawer. And many won't protect their contents against fire. Manufacturer's claims that their safes are burglary resistant and fire resistant [...]

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CCTV Cameras and DVR's

Complete Security Hardware is pleased to be able to offer our customers superior quality Cameras and DVR's at extremelly competitive prices. By providing first-class products and comprehensive services, CSH has enjoyed an excellent reputation in the security industry. We have an extensive selection of cameras and DVR's that we will be adding to our [...]

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